Statement of Environment


It is the policy of BPM to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities under the Environmental Quality Act, all relevant regulations and other requirements. We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen in protecting the environment.

  • Being up to date with the latest environmental quality act, legislation, code of practice and regulations. Ensuring that relevant environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements from external related parties are complied with that the protection of the environment is enhanced by keeping environment impacts to a minimum in a sustainable, financially rewarding and technically feasible manner.
  • Manage our processes, activities, our materials and our people in order to lessen the environmental impacts associated with our work. Comply with accepted environmental practices and work to minimize the creation of wastes, pollution, resources and materials consumption.
  • For continual improvement, at fixed time intervals, train, educate, instruct or supervise our employees and related parties on all relevant environmental issues to ensure their awareness, compliance, knowledge and commitment towards them.
  • Make sure that all the operations in the office and at site are carried out in accordance with what is stated in the latest Builtech Environmental Manual and all non-conformance will be recorded and followed up.
  • Regularly review operational performance, incident investigation reports, aspect impact analysis, and audit information obtained, through a system of EHS meetings.
  • Establish, maintain and strive for continual improvement for an effective and efficient management system towards a environmental friendly working environment.